Taking Your iPhoneto the Max

Secrets of the iPhone.

At the start, this book does cover a lot of material that can be found in the iPhone’s manual. This means that the phone and each application is given pretty thorough coverage over the book’s approximately 180 pages. Apart from the software, the workings of the iPhone’s hardware features are also covered in some depth. As a manual supplement, the book does a good job, taking the reader right from unpacking, activation and to using the built-in applications.

However, once your past that, Taking your iPhone to the Max has a lot of coverage of other software that can be installed and useful websites, where the book shines is the knowledge of 3rd party websites and applications that Sadun brings to her writing. These applications range from GSM codes to where to go for information on un-locking your iPhone — needless to say, a lot of the material covered isn’t Apple-approved — but this is your iPhone you’re taking to the max.

Finally, the book has a clean layout with several tips spread out over nearly every other page. The design is black and white, but its quite attractive, with plenty of screen-shoots. The tips are broken out from the text and make it easy to skim the topic. The clean layout makes it easy to find material in this book.

For a small book, there is a lot of material covered here. On the one hand, it covers pretty much everything that the manual does. Still, then it adds the author’s knowledge of useful 3rd party applications and websites that let you take your “iPhone to the max” — this is the part that makes this book worth purchasing — and finally, it has a clean layout that makes finding things in the book straightforward.

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